project management

project management and process management

stir the paint, spray on, finished!

I am sure you have heard such ‘instructions’ before, when acting as a professional and painter.
The difference between stirring the paint and mixing it correctly reveals itself only to the user in the end.
I am sure you know what I am driving at. Today, especially on the automotive and high-end sector, the coatings are so marginal in the processing, that the processing specification depending on the method of processing, have a serious influence on the painting results, as do they in reverse on the costs.
Therefore, in the project status, the project management is extremely important because it is also responsible for the process management.

painting, the ‘delicate plant‘

Many manufacturers are still in their infancy when it comes to modern systems engineering of KAIZEN and other up-to-date optimization technology.
Here lies great potential to direct process costs into the right direction.

why project management?

One contact as center of activities. This is the gist of the project manager. He should be able to give an answer to almost all questions and provide short reaction time for planning and manufacturing.
We will take care of the project management for surface processes. Benefit from my years of experience in the industrial and automotive field for plastic parts.

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